12′ Disposable Nitrile Gloves Ice Blue

Color:Ice Blue / White
Packing:100pcs/box, 10boxes/ctn
Surface:All Textured
Description:Lengthening Design, Thicken & Extra Durable Grasp Advanced. Available for Industrial Processing, Laboratory, Food Processing, also for Beauty Industrial and Cleaning, etc.


Wear Lanhuo Nitrile Ice Blue Gloves And Stay Safe!

Lanhuo Medical Disposable Nitrile Gloves Ice Blue supplier provides high-quality protection in hospitals or your home. Our nitrile gloves come with Smart Guard protection, which can withstand chemotherapy drugs when cleaning up spills.

Moreover, they will reduce the chances of infection from these toxic chemicals and disease from various chemicals and bacteria. As a leading Nitrile Gloves Ice Blue manufacturer, we assure you of high-quality material with pure nitrile and latex-free substance. These ice blue exam gloves are also suitable for people who may deal with latex allergies or skin sensitivities.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves Ice Blue supplier efficient guard gloves come with beaded cuffs which helps to prevent rolling. Our protective gloves make your skin more secure from exposure to toxic chemicals.

Also, it enables you to withstand soft Knicks without tearing or puncturing. Our products are highly liable and have strong durability of the gloves, with a firm grip and hold on things that will simultaneously increase working efficiency and protection.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Protects Hands from Infection
  • Color-Coded Boxes for Sizing at a Glance
  • Textured Finger Tips
  • Beaded Cuff Prevents Rolling
  • Tested for Use with Chemo Drugs
  • High Touch Perception
  • Powder Free
  • Blue nitrile gloves offer excellent sensitivity for touch perception and dependable protection

What is particular about nitrile gloves?

Our Nitrile Gloves Ice Blue manufacturer  high-quality gloves with textured fingertips that prevent items from slipping through hands as with other gloves. We assure you powder-free and comfy gloves you can wear the whole day without hands drying out. For added convenience,  we have boxes with various colors and different sizes.

Moreover, we have high chemical resistance gloves that also enable you to work underwater conditions and grease and oil proof.  These blue ice gloves are highly applicable in medical environments nitrile due to their high puncture resistance and dexterous strength.

Why are nitrile gloves different colors?

Various colors are manufactured in nitrile gloves. Each glove serves the same function, but they distinguish between the professionals. As a tradition, the ice blue gloves are most preferred by the medical staff, enabling them to operate efficiently.